Monday, March 29, 2010

Exciting things ahead

I'm getting excited for what lies ahead! Every
year is different. We are always busy with all
that is going on with the kids (homeschooling,
baseball, art, guitar, play dates, etc.) and
church, but each year for me is like a new
adventure to see what doors of opportunity are
going to open up.
I have run softball clinics all over and the
past few years have brought many new adventures
with motivational speaking and also sharing
about my faith.
Well, a couple things that are new on the list
and coming up soon are:
*Throwing out the 1st Pitch at the Angels' Game
(April 9)
*Speaking at Shoreline Women's Spring Retreat
with the girls from God's Call (
The theme is "Growing Deeper" and we are excited
to share all about how to have that "deep" relationship
with God and what that looks like! (April 30, May 1)
*A Jr. High/High School Christian Event that I am putting
together with a group of HS/College girls where
we will talk about all the things that are so
important to teenage girls (relationships, purity,
identity, how to deal with falling into temptations,
etc.) We are shooting for May, so I will definitely
be posting about how it all falls into place, but I
am very excited about this!
*An opportunity to share/speak about Sports & Faith
at my home church
*More Sports Commentating (the past two years I have
worked with ESPN on College Softball Super Regionals
and really enjoyed the opportunity. I was shocked
because the first time I did it was back in 2000 &
was convinced that I was horrible and would NEVER do
TV Games again. That all changed with ESPN- they are
the best and made my experience so enjoyable! Well,
this summer (June 12, and August) I will will be
commentating for the softball Pro League (NPF) and
the BEST of the BEST will be featured in these games.
Many of my teammates and many young and talented athletes
will be on these teams. I am so excited to not only
watch them in action, but also to be able to share my
thoughts about them across the country on TV!)
*Speaking at an NSA Softball World Series for youth
softball players in South Carolina. I have spoken
twice at this Worship Service just prior to the
Opening Ceremonies and they are expecting around 9,000
in attendance. I have had a great time in the past
and am looking forward to returning!

For my praying friends, I appreciate your prayers!
I just hope that God will give me the wisdom and words
to speak at each and every one of these events. He
opens the door and equips us wherever He takes us!
I am so thankful for that. . .and very excited for
what lies ahead!

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