Thursday, March 11, 2010

Make new friends but KEEP the old ones!

Proverbs 17:17
"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born
for adversity."

I cherish my friendships! I am so thankful for all that
I have learned through them. I enjoy meeting new people
but there is nothing like friends who have known you for
a long time. We all get busy with our own lives,
especially once you have kids, but I am so thankful for
my friends who make it a point to get together when
there is an opportunity.

Last weekend I was able to visit with Sarah who moved
to Georgia a couple years ago. Sarah is somebody who
can talk to anybody and always gets a good conversation
going. I miss her insight at our Bible studies but am
thankful for the time that she did live here because
now we are friends forever!

Kristi, Sarah, me and Jessica went to dinner.

Mike and Sarah were able to go to church before
heading back to their 3 little ones in Georgia!

I also was able to hang out with a bunch of girls
that I played softball with when I was 14 years old!!!
Isn't that amazing- our friendship has lasted through
the years and I so enjoy when we get together. The
special reason was that Geneva (top of pic) was in
town from Sydney, Australia where she is a Doctor!

From bottom left clockwise: Christy, Danelle,
Geneva, me and Luna (that's what we call her!)

Our cute kiddos

Our crazy kiddos!

Thank you God for all my friends! They mean so much to me.

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