Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Than Conquerors: Up and Coming

A couple weeks ago we taped some new shows for More
Than Conquerors (Christian Sports Show on Trinity
Broadcasting Network- TBN). I co-host the show along
with Frank Pastore and AC Green. It airs every Monday
morning nationally at 8:30am PST, and 11:30am EST. Check
it out if you haven't already- you won't be disappointed!
I just thought I'd share a couple pictures from the day!
We have way too much fun on set!!!

Our shows will feature athletes and coaches from the
2010 Pro Bowl, and from the Indianapolis Colts and
the World Champion New Orleans Saints!

Talkin' Football. . .& Goofin off!

We also talk all about Frank's new book coming out
soon. Pick up "Shattered: Struck Down but Not
Destroyed" to learn all about Frank's life and
the power of God! Click HERE to read more about him.

Oh yeah, and you will also find out about his
amazing Record (eating a 72 oz. steak quicker
than anyone else) that held for 21 years until
Professional Eater, Joey Chestnut, broke the
record by 30 seconds in 2008. Watch the show
to hear what Frank has to say about it and
also to see the steak.

Why wait- check out the size of this steak!

Our producer, Randy, had the steak flown in and
surprised Frank! We had a lot of laughs and we
all had some steak as well!

We also featured Tobin Heath (USA Women's Soccer)

and we even had a Live-Skype Interview with Jinelle
(2010 Olympic Silver Medalist
with USA Ice Hockey) and her husband. Mike.
Keep your eyes
out for these new shows to air!

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