Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Please forgive ALL my ACCIDENTS!

It never fails that whenever I have the entire
house cleaned (floors and all), somebody spills
something all over the floor. This past week was
no different. My mom joked saying she was going to
ask who had spilled right after it was cleaned, but
what wasn't a joke was Drew's cup of hot chocolate
ALL OVER the floor!

Pictures are theraphy. . .

and give me a minute before I have to clean it all up!

Oh, and this is just the toy of the day all over
the floor. Connect 4 on the FLOOR. We can't play
with our toys, we have to THROW them all over the

Still trying to figure out what God is trying to teach
me through this???
That boys are VERY MESSY. . .
or that kids like to make messes but don't like
to clean them up. . .

OR maybe it's that I make messes too and He's
my LOVING Father ready to clean up my mess, and
tell me He loves me and forgives me and reminds
me that accidents are going to happen and we can
learn from our mistakes!
Thank you God!

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