Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Virginia Trip

In Virginia this week, I spoke 7 times at 5 schools
to over 3000 High School Students and at an FCA
Fundraising Banquet. I was so encouraged
by the people and students that I met and hope they
were encouraged my the messages that I shared.

I met the Matoaca Baseball Team that has 6 D1 recruits
and 4 D3 recruits! Expecting Big things this season!

I met people who were really excited to see the medals.

I met FCA Staff members who are changing lives for Christ

and people who were willing to serve and drive me ALL

I met students who have obstacles and yet they shine!

And students who want to DREAM BIG in medical fields.

I met school staff who spend time at schools for very little
pay so that they can impact the younger generation in a
positive way

and those who share the Lord when the opportunity arises.

I met a girl who is competing in Miss Virginia pageants

and Principals who bring out the best when they challenge
their students to rise to their potential.

I spoke at an FCA Banquet to support the eternal impact
being made on these public school campuses,

and met a Pastor and his wife (Colonial Heights Baptist
Church) who love the Lord and believe in what FCA is
doing in their communities.

I met the Brunswick HS Softball Team and other FCA
athletes who understand that Faith in Christ and
Sports can go together!

I met many more staff, teachers, FCA supporters, and
students that I don't have pictures of. I had a great
trip and am so humbled to be able to share my stories
with them.

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  1. Today's youth really need leaders to inspire them in a positive way and besides the school staff at Virginia, you, Leah, are doing a fantastic job at it. I bet those people were very happy to see your gold medals as well. Nice photographs!