Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Brings Softball Season. . .oh, and now Baseball season too!

I always love the spring! It means the softball fields
are full of little girls with ponytails in their hair
and bats in their hands! It also means the weather is
starting to get really warm and a great place to be
is on the softball field! I played my whole life and
still enjoy the chance to get out there now with young

Now that my 4-yr-old is playing baseball, I'll be out
on the fields even more! I have some pictures of Drew's
1st game that I'll have to post later, but this little
one has some pretty good form for fielding and his first
hit was a line drive up the middle- my ALL-TIME favorite
hits to get!!! I have to laugh though, because he is put
at 2nd base and this picture I took at practice is exactly
what he does every time he is out on the field! Wonder
what he's finding in the dirt???

I also was able to watch my niece, Taylor play this
week. This is her first season and she is playing
in the Chino League that I grew up in. She thought
it was funny that her teammates wanted my autograph
on their jerseys after the game! They were so cute.

I was at the ballpark again to work with a local softball
team. They did a great job and loved checking out the
medals at the end!

I love this sport and the fact that I still get to
be a part of it!

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