Monday, November 30, 2009

USA Softball: Day at the Park

J.T., Jennie, Laura, Me, Natasha, Tairia and Lisa

Last week we went to La Mirada Regional Park to
visit with some girls from the USA Softball Team.
Jennie Finch and Lisa Fernandez both brought their
little guys, Ace (3) and Antonio (almost 4). I had
my three boys and Laura Berg brought her 5-yr-old
neice, Kylie. Jennie also had her nephew with
her. There were lots of little ones running around
while we were catching up on what each of us has
been up to. A couple girls are still playing (J.T.,
Natasha and Jennie), a couple are coaching (Lisa
and Tairia) and Laura is waiting to soon enter
the police academy, while she does clinics and
lessons. It was so fun to see the girls and hear
about their lives. We are all doing different
things now but there are common bonds that will
last forever: our love of softball, our memories
from our playing days together, and our friendships!

All the kids: La Mirada Park had a huge lake with
a lot of ducks and geese. The kids Loved it!

Laura with the boys: she is ALWAYS the FUN one!

Drew feeding the duck

Brothers working together

Me with the boys

Gina (Antonio's aunt and USA Softball Babysitter) brought
a cool blow up ball for the boys to play with

Jake influencing Ace!

Trying to get one last picture: the boys are OVER IT!

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  1. My kylie was the only girl? lol that's too funny! She definetly looked like she had fun when she got home, a bath was required!