Thursday, November 12, 2009

ASA Hall of Fame Induction: Class of 2009

I just returned from Reno, NV where I was
inducted into the Amateur Softball Assoc.
Hall of Fame. ASA is the National Governing
Body for USA Softball and is the largest
softball organization in the country. I was
inducted with 7 others who have contributed
to this great sport in all different ways.

I am so humbled to be inducted and honored
this way, but I have to admit, it is hard for me
to receive individual awards. This may seem
weird to some and I know many strive for those
kind of awards, but I truly wish I could have had
my teammates standing there next to me, as
well as my coaches. The people I played for and
the girls I played with are the reason I was able
to stand up on that stage. I thrive from being
around others and competing for a “team”.
I was so thankful that Tommy and my boys were
there, along with my mom. Ralph and Patsy Cornwell
were also there, along with many friends involved
with ASA. I met Ralph when I played for the USA
Team in 1996. It was a special evening for me,
reminding me of so many memories from my
playing days. To my surprise, I am the youngest
member ever inducted. I am humbled by the
many softball “legends” that I join in the Softball
Hall of Fame, some of whom I’ve played with and
many of whom I’ve heard so much about because
they paved the way for this great sport. And like
I shared in my acceptance speech last night, I give
ALL the glory to God who created me with this
talent, competitiveness, and love and passion
for the game of softball.

Here are some pictures from the Ceremony

Me and my little ones! They may not remember
this, but at least they'll have pictures from it!

Jake was part of my success: He was 3 yrs. old
when I won my 3rd Gold Medal!

Before the ceremony

I got emotional when I spoke, which completely
surprised me! I was so honored by this!

My wonderful, supportive husband who really is
my biggest fan! I love him so much!

All 7 inductees: It was an honor to be in the
Hall of Fame Class 2009 with them

My kids had to sit through a 3 hour ceremony
so you can imagine how hard that was for them!
They did pretty well, listening to 7 acceptance
speeches, but by the end, Luke was barefoot
and running on the stage and Drew was sound

Drew crashed at the end (for those of you
who saw my blog on him falling asleep- this
is typical of him! so funny!)

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