Sunday, November 22, 2009

This Week. . .

Luke got stuck on top of his car and was
screaming for help

Luke dropped the bag of goldfish everywhere and
ran away (Drew thought it was funny and ran to
pose) I now take pictures so I can look back and
laugh. I'm not laughing when it happens.

He learned how to clean up a mess

I got my boys to pose for a picture and smile

My family came over to celebrate my brother's
birthday. . .this is the baby of the group:
Tristan: 18 months old

Drew found a coat and tie that used to be Jake's

and started doing some model poses for us
(this kid is already into fashion. . .scary!)

Luke wanted to be like his dad: on the couch with
the remote in his hand and something to drink

Luke got to play with bubbles from his brother's
bath and loved it

We went to an art class at the Library and
the kids got their faces and arms painted

I took the group: Drew, Micah, Jake, Bryson and Taylor

We got lots of face and arm paintings!
By the end, we had 7 dragons, 2 spiders, a snake
and a flower

Jake made a not-so-good choice to cut the rope
holding the bale of hay together and

He learned to clean up hay!

What started out as a nice gesture from a friend
to drop off a bale of hay to use to decorate for
Fall, ended up in a Huge mess! Jake thought it
would be fun to get some scissors and cut open
the rope holding the hay. He learned a hard lesson.

These are a couple things this week, not including
3 pumpkins torn into 15 pieces with seeds everywhere
in my backyard. My kids thought it would be fun
with their cousins to get out pumpkin seeds from
their pumpkins, but the 4 yr. olds went crazy tearing
the pumpkins apart. What a mess! This is my life
with little boys.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking Bryson! He had a blast!! :) Oh man....looks like a fun week at your place!! What did we get ourselves into, huh?! Boys...boys....and more crazy boys! :) Love all the cute pictures you took!