Thursday, November 5, 2009

So Cute

I had to take this picture at our church Family Fest
on Halloween. This is Alexis and she is my friend's
daughter. She dressed up as a cheerleader and she
wore her "Leah" shirt. These are shirts I have sold
at softball clinics and speaking engagements in the
past. What this brings to mind for me is when I gave
Alexis this shirt. I had spoken at our church in 2004
after winning the Gold Medal in Athens. Afterward I
signed autographs and talked to people. Alexis
and her younger sister were in the area and I knew
who they were only because I had been praying for
their mom. I didn't know Tanya, but I lifted
her up to the Lord during a tough time. I gave
her daugthers shirts and little bears that had
my name on the back. They were so cute and so
little then! Now it's 5 years later and our families
are friends, our kids homeschool together, we do
a Bible study together and we intercede in prayer
for eachother! What a blessing they are to my

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