Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bless Others

Our homeschool group is doing one service project
a month to teach our kids to help others. This month
we put together a basket with a turkey, potatoes,
green beans, corn, stuffing, pumpkin pie,
and much more. We were able to give a
family we know a Thanksgiving dinner.

We want to teach our children to bless
others with the blessings they have received.
This year God put on my heart that instead
of saving up money when I have extra, I need to
bless others because I am blessed. I believe if
we are wise with how we spend our money and are
giving to others who need help, God will
bless us. If we are in need, I believe God
will take care of our needs as well through
others who do the same!

I thank God for all our blessings, but I
also that Him that we can bless others
with those blessings. Whether it is
giving money, helping others, praying
for others, or encouraging them, we can
all be a blessing!

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