Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank YOU, GOD!

God, Thank YOU for wild little boys who are
healthy enough to run around the house for
hours at a time.

God, Thank YOU for dirty little hands that
leave their prints on my windows and walls
all the time.

God, Thank YOU for dirty clothes with stains
because that means we have clothes to stain.

God, Thank YOU for kids who are picky eaters
because that means they have different food
to choose from.

God, Thank YOU for loud boys because they can
sing praises with those LOUD voices.

God, Thank YOU for boys who jump and climb
on everything (including furniture) because
they want to take risks.

God, Thank YOU for toys all over my floor
because YOU have blessed us with more than
we need.

God, Thank YOU for a dirty house, because that
means we have a house that keeps us safe and

God, Thank YOU for little boys that get out
of bed running at 6am (when I am NOT anywhere
near ready to get up yet) because that means
they are excited for a new day of adventure.

God, Thank YOU for little boys who pray to
you at night, who cuddle and say I love you
at the end of the day when they've used all
their energy, who look like perfect angels
when they sleep, and who bring more laughter
and joy (and everything else mentioned
above) to a house that would be boring
without them!!!!

God, Help me to always Thank YOU for the
things that can seem hard, overwhelming
and frustrating in the moment, but matter
little in the big picture!

1 comment:

  1. So cute!! I love the be thankful for ALL that we have...and especially for our boys!!