Saturday, October 24, 2009

Missing Markie

One year ago, Markie was in a car
accident and passed away. I gave hitting
lessons for a few years to Markie, starting
when she was 9 yrs old. I pray all the time
for Markie's family (her parents and her
younger sister). I pray that God
will comfort them and be their strength. I
am thankful I will see Markie again in heaven-
not because she was a good person, but because
she trusted in Jesus as her Lord and Savior.
She believed that Jesus was the way to heaven
and now she is in the presence of the Lord!

This is what I wrote on my website last year
about Markie, so I thought I would share it

"Saying Goodbye"

Yesterday I attended a Memorial Service for
Markie (17 years old) who was a former
hitting student of mine. I worked with Markie
for a number of years and what I loved about
her was although she didn't have a lot of meat
on her bones, she worked as hard as any other
athlete I worked with. She always listened,
never had an attitude and always gave her best.
I know that is why she had so much success as a
softball player through the years and even more
success as a runner (a sport she picked up the
past few years and had a natural gift for).
Markie always had a smile on her face and her
younger sister was always right by
her side. Jake would play with these girls
when he was two and three years old and they
were so patient with him. Mark, Markie's
dad, was a coach for travel ball teams and everyone
who played for him loved their entire family.
They moved to Tennessee a couple years ago and
found their true home, but never forgot their
family and friends here in Southern California.
Markie was so loved! Markie made a difference!
Markie stood up for what was right and followed
the path that God desires, even if it wasn't
"popular". I am thankful to know that Markie
is in God's presence. She put her trust in
Jesus Christ and the Bible promises that she
will now spend eternity with the God who created
her. We will miss Markie, her smile, her humility,
her talents as a softball player and runner, but
if we trust in the Lord Jesus, we will see her
again one day. I am reminded to make a difference
today- for eternity! Do what is right, always,
even if it isn't popular! Stand apart for what
is right! God will bless that! God called her
home and her family will be comforted by our
prayers until they meet again in heaven, but
they know heaven is their eternal home! I am
blessed by the faith of this family. I am thankful
for the connection we have in Jesus. There is no
stronger bond on this earth! Please pray for the
Markie's family! Markie made a difference & we all can
strive for that excellence also!
In Christ, Leah Amico


  1. wow leah this is so touching, Im sure her family appreciates all the love and prayers.May god bless her and the family

  2. Hey Michelle, I didn't realize you blog- thanks for sending that so now I can keep updated on you guys! Love the tips you are sharing for food!!!