Thursday, October 1, 2009

God is the Best Doctor

I wrote this and posted it on the God's Call
Blog, but wanted to share it here too.

I was thinking about how we go to the Doctor to get help
when we have a sickness that is beyond our fixing. Or we
go to the doctor when we have pain and we don’t know
where it’s coming from. Another reason we go to the doctor
is when we break a bone or to see if it’s broken or not. I don’t
know if you rush to the doctor right away when your little one
gets a fever or a cough (unless it’s your first child right?!), but
after you’ve had more than one child, you “wait” and see how
the Tylenol works. You wait to see if you can keep the fever
below 102˚. At least this is what I do. If I can keep a handle
on it, I would rather figure it out. Get out some cold washcloths,
drink lots of liquids and pray. I only go to the doctor if I can’t fix
it myself.
I started thinking about how this can look in our spiritual lives. We
can tend to think we are doing alright as long as it’s not urgent- as
long as it’s not an emergency and in need of rushing to the
emergency room! We can be hurting, sad, bitter, angry, envious,
prideful or judgmental, but even to the smallest degree, these
are all sicknesses. In fact, we were born sick, and in need of a
doctor- “The” Doctor- The Master Physician: Jesus Christ. This
doctor has ALL the answers to staying healthy, and if we will listen
and learn and remember to come to Him constantly, we will find
healing and stay healthly! My heart is to honor God, and yet I
find that these little sicknesses constantly pop up in my life.
I also find that if I don’t acknowledge my sickness (sin in
my life), then it gets worse. I am only reminded how sick I
am when I have my visit to THE doctor. It’s in this time that
I spend praying or reading my Bible or asking for the healing
medicine (Jesus’ forgiveness through his blood on the cross)
that I remember that I can be healed instantly.
I’m talking about our spiritual lives & we can’t get healthy
on our own,no matter how hard we try. Even with the greatest
intentions and the best effort, we need to be forgiven by Jesus,
the true Healer and Redeemer. Let’s make sure to visit our
Master Physician on a regular basis and we will be as healthy
as can be!

Matthew 9:12: "Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick."

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  1. Was touring blogs this morning before Bible class and found yours, and was very intrigued by the 3 Gold medals. I think I've seen you play. I have 2 daughters that play softball, one still in high school, and we are enthusiasts for the game. I took both girls to Edmond this year for a couple of college games. Nice to "meet" you by blog.

    This was a good post. I like your comparison of our physical ailments for the spiritual. And, now matter how healthy we may think we are, we always need the healing touch of The Doctor.

    This is the only article I've read so far, but I glanced at some of the others and they look good. You have a nice blog here. If you get a chance, please visit Family Fountain.