Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Party with Homeschooling Friends!

Our co-op group has 17 kids (if you count
Jada (2) and Luke (2)), so we have a full
class! This past week we had our Fall
Party. In the past we did crafts like
making wreaths for Christmas or making
Pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving, but this
year the kids LOVED the crafts because
we had SWEETS and SLIME!!!

Making Candy Bracelets

The Girls

Hard Work is Worth IT!

The Best Part of All!

I love Candy Crafts!!!

I have 2 Bracelets! Yummy!

The "Slime" Station

Making Slime

Our relay race involved Skeeters, Hopping,
Riding Razors, popping a balloon and
reading a Bible verse

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