Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tears: of sorrow and joy

I am sitting here in Barnes and Noble
(on the floor since all the chairs were
taken) next to my hubby and we both
are on our computers. What a way to
spend our alone time in Scottsdale,
Arizona!!! But really, our time
here for the Fellowship of Christian
Athletes (FCA) has been TRULY amazing!
It has been nice to spend some alone
time. We even watched a movie last
night and took a nap yesteday in the
middle of the day! Taking advantage
of the peace and quiet.

Thanks to my mom and my brother and his
wife who are watching my boys for us,
we were able to have this little getaway!
We drove out Thursday night and have
been poured intoso much with great worship,
powerful testionies/stories and
truly anointed Biblical teaching by
Dr. Tony Evans.

There have been tears of both joy and
sorrow. The sorrow, first of all, for
Brielle Murray's family. There is no
more sorrow, pain or sadness for Brielle
as she is in heaven with Jesus Christ
right now as I type and will be forever.
Although I never met Brielle, I have
been praying for her consistently for
the past 2 1/2 years. I have cried many
times for this family and pleaded for
her healing with the Lord. This family
has a strength and grace that can only
be from God. Their love and trust in
Him through such heartache and trials
have shown how God is ALWAYS near in our
weakest moments. I look forward to
meeting Brielle in heaven one day!
Please pray for her family and I hope
we can all strive to share Jesus with
others the way Brielle did in her short

I also had tears of joy listening to
an FCA Area VP tell about how he left
a CEO position in a successful company
because God directed him. He didn't
have to obey and he could have stayed
in his comfort zone and made way more
money, but he left for the sake of the
CALL! His wife spoke of how God gave
her the same verse God gave her husband
and said they were to "go to the land
that God would show them" just like
God told Abraham. God spoke, they
obeyed, & God will use them in mighty
ways because they are living out His
will for their lives.

My cup is full this weekend- hearing
all about how God is moving through
student-athletes throughout this
country. I am beyond excited that
FCA is starting a sport specific
ministry for Softball! REACHING
would love for you to contact me
if you have a heart for softball
and Jesus! I would love to share
more with you. Eternal investments
are being made when we partner with

I also have pages of notes from Dr.
Tony Evans. He spoke 3 times and
after listening to him, I could listen
to him 100 more times! The Bible
knowledge and application is so
powerful in how he shares it. God
is moving! I will share from my
notes soon.

We also had Melinda Doolittle sing
last night. She was on one of the
only American Idol seasons that I
watched. She loves Jesus so much!
I'll share the picture with her
on here when I download it.

This is such a reminder that we
need to meet with other believers
to be encouraged, uplifted, & reminded
of the call to go and share!

God is good, even though we don't
understand the hard stuff. He has
a plan and we have VICTORY that will
last for eternity. Until then, we
need to live for God, love others
with His love and impact the world
for Jesus Christ!

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