Sunday, February 27, 2011

On the Road Again. . .

I'm sitting here at a hotel in
Bakersfield, CA all by myself.
Lots of time to think, read, and
blog. Missing my hubby and kids
already but excited for all the kids
(students in High School) that I will
be meeting the next 3 days. I will
be speaking at 9 High Schools in
Bakersfield. It's another Sports
World week for me. Tonight I had
dinner with some men and women who
are the ones behind the scenes that
make these Speaking Engagements
possible. They raise the funds for
the athletes to come in and speak.
With Sports and God in common, what
else do you need?

Time has been VERY busy lately! I
have been traveling A LOT! Last month
was Ojai/Ventura, Michigan, Texas,
Arizona and this past weekend we took
a trip to Las Vegas (Tommy was working
and we decided to jump in the car and
go with him!). The boys love staying
in a hotel, and man, after 15 minutes
you would think we were there for a week
the way they take over the room. We
had lunch at the Top of the World
Restaurant at the Stratosphere and
had a fun game night at Circus Circus.
The boys are so crazy that they went
swimming in the pool even though it
was under 60 degrees out! Yes, they
were the ONLY ones in the pool!

So, I get to speak at a lot of different
places and my mind is constantly going
on different talks that I could give.
I have to tell you, they sound really
good when it's inside my head! It's
just a matter of remembering what I
said in my head and telling that to the
audience that's the hard part. But really,
I LOVE to encourage people. I love to
tell them the truth: there is a plan
for their lives, they have unique gifts
and talents, they make a difference in
the lives of those around them. I also
know that the whole reality of all of
that won't be understood apart from
knowing God personally. God radically
changed my life. Maybe it didn't look
like a huge change on the outside to
people around me, but the change on
the inside was monumental. The change
of mind that happened when I read God's
Word and understood it as truth
transformed me. God continues to work
in my life all the time. I walk through
each day wondering what God has in store.
I am constantly learning lessons and
asking forgiveness in the areas that I
stumble. God always picks me back up.

God loves us and Jesus Christ died for
us. Our part is to walk in obedience
to God's Word through the power of the
Holy Spirit. I recently heard somebody
mentioning that they liked "The Secret".
People need to know, the way to eternal
life is NOT a secret, it's through Jesus
Christ and Him alone. Offered to all,
though many will not choose what Jesus
offers us.

The other day I was thanking God in
prayer for how He CROSSES PATHS of
people. Nothing is an accident in
our lives. God knows all that will
happen. God reminded me that at the
same time, the CROSS is the PATH to

Here are a couple thoughts that God
put on my heart when I spent some
time in prayer (I will write it how
I receive it- how God speaks to me).
I hope you will be blessed by it and

"I am a mighty water that rushes into
peoples lives and cleanses them. When
I am allowed access into the deep places,
the secret places, I clean them and
polish them and showcase them as a new

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