Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to be Happy

This was the title of our message at
church last night. We had a local
pastor, John Miller, speak because our
pastor is out of town. The verses we
went over were John 13:1-17. It
was the story about when Jesus washed
the feet of his disciples.

The three things he pointed out from
those verses were:




If we do these three things, the
Bible tells us that Jesus said,
"Now that you know these things,
you will be blessed (some versions
say "happy") if you DO them." v.17

Those things Jesus did and talked
about were:
1. Putting Himself in a role of
servant and acting it out
2. Telling Peter that He was
"clean" : spiritually holy
3. Told the disciples to wash
one another's feet. (Now this was
the custom of that day. Jesus
isn't telling us to wash someone's
feet, but to serve in ways to
show love and kindness to them.)

Here are a couple statements John
made that I really agree with:

"Sin leads to sorrow,
Holiness leads to happiness."

"We can be too big for God,
but we can never be too small for God."
D.L. Moody

Jesus will be Lord: either to salvation
or to condemnation.

Humility is simply not thinking of

We are saved to serve (to glorify God
first, but then to serve).

The goal of Bible study is not just
for increased intellect, it is

We need to KNOW and DO:
Knowing is the easy part,
Doing is the hard part.

So just remember:

Happy is he/she who is:


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