Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dr. Tony Evans: Amazing Teacher

I have been traveling a lot and I have
to miss church when I travel on the
weekends. It was so nice to be out
of town, with my husband and also
get A LOT of great messages from
the Bible. Dr. Tony Evans was
one of the speakers and he spoke
to us 3 different times. I took a
lot of notes but here are some I
wanted to share on his first message:


Bible Verses: Matthew 7:24-27
Your foundation determines your
future. The bigger you build, the
deeper your foundation needs be.

It's one thing to say you believe
something when it's not raining
and another thing to live what you
believe once it is raining.

You can't fix your foundation in
the middle of a storm. You need
to do it before or after.

God allows storms in our lives
to show us where we are and where
He is.

Throughout the Bible, right before
God did something really big, He
would allow a storm to hit (ex.
The Red Sea: Moses)

Don't just look at the rain or
you'll miss what God wants to do.

Don't try to fix the cracks in
the wall, fix the foundation.

***Let's all make Jesus the
foundation, after all, the Bible
tells us He is our ROCK!

I was so blessed by his teaching.
He is truly gifted by God and
speaking truth around the world.

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