Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sick, Cold and Softball

I got home last weekend very late and
next thing I know I woke up to Drew
running to the bathroom because he
had to throw up. Poor guy- he was
sick on and off for half of the day
and then bounced back.

Early Wed around 12:30am I woke up
to Jake getting sick! I have been
praying that God will keep the rest
of our house healthy. Jake felt
better by the time he woke up, so
last night we went down to San
Diego and the NFCA Softball Convention.

I visited my friend, Donna, from
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
and also Bob Pinto (FCA Softball)
among others. I saw so many former
teammates in San Diego. I love the
fact that I can see a teammate from
the 2000 Olympics and we can reminisce
about the times we spent together.
Of course, there was A LOT of laughing.

Here are some of the teammates I ran
into: Michele Smith, Jen McFalls,
Michele Venturella, Stacey Nuveman,
Crystl Bustos, Jessica Mendoza,
Tairia Flowers, & Dot Richardson
(Bob's wife). I was bummed to miss
Natasha Watley, Coach Candrea, and
Jennie Finch. There were so many
USA Olympic Alum there, so we are
talking about having a reunion
at the NFCA Convention next year.
Hopefully we can make that happen.

Tommy came down and met us for
dinner last night and stayed to
work the Under Armour booth and
I drove home late last night.
I got a call this morning from
Tommy telling me he was sick all
night! I have been praying that
I don't catch this and am pretty
much begging God at this point!
Please pray that I stay healthy
because I leave on a flight to
Minnesota in the morning for
a clinic with Jennie Finch.

It's supposed to be snowing and
17 degrees tomorrow night! I
am so not used to this kind of
weather and am hoping they have
a heater in the dome where we
are putting the clinic on! This
is my last trip before Christmas.

We've been on the go around here.
And it hasn't helped with the
flu going around our house. Next
week we are going to the Christmas
lights and hopefully to see Santa!
Plus I have to get a little bit of
shopping finished. Hope you are
having a great Christmas season
and are staying healthy and warm :)

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