Friday, December 24, 2010

CA Thunder OC

Last Sunday night my mom and I went to
Fullerton to attend the CA Thunder OC
Softball Banquet. They have two teams:
12U and 14U. It brings back a lot of
memories because when I was 16 years
old a group of us started the Thunder
team and that year we won 16U ASA
Nationals. I have so many great
memories from that team and so many
friendships that I still cherish.
We were involved with a great group of
people. I was so fortunate to always
play for positive coaches who helped
us to compete at the top level and
one of those coaches was Murray
Sportsman who has helped to start up
this program again. He is coaching
the 12U Team and has surrounded himself
with other coaches with the same
philosophies. We had dinner and
Murray spoke to the group and then
I spoke and shared some of my
experiences with the teams. Afterward
I signed some autographs and we took

Here is the 14U Team

The 12U Team

My mom and I stayed and hung out with
the whole Sportsman Family!

Sylvia (Murray's wife), Geneva (I played
with her), Taylor (Murray's neice plays
18U and is working toward a college
scholarship), Me, my mom, Murray and
Jada (in front: Murray's granddaughter,
plays 12U Thunder OC)

It's so fun to get together and reminisce
about when we played! I'm so grateful for
all that softball brought to my family.

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