Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Great Christmas Morning

We had another wonderful Christmas this
year! It was extra special because Tommy's
parents are visiting from Boston and this
is the 1st time they have been able to see
the boys open gifts on Christmas morning,
and the 1st Christmas we've ever spent all
This was also the first time we ever had
to wake the boys up and tell them that
Santa came! Once they were up, they
were ready to go! We read the story of
the birth of Jesus before heading downstairs
to see what Santa brought.

They hunt to see if their names are on
the gifts.

They open their gifts pretty fast
(especially because they get 3 gifts,
plus a gift from Nana and Papa, and
one from Grandma). It was great for
them to have their grandparents here
to enjoy the morning.

I love my boys

Drew loved his new Star Wars Game and
his new Leap Frog (Jake is a pro and
wants to help teach him)

Jake was so excited to get new
games for Wii and also Beyblades.
He loves battling his dad!

It was another great year, we are so
blessed. Thank you Jesus!

Luke loved all his Toy Story 3 toys,
including his new Buzz Lightyear!

Tommy and I decided this year that instead
of exchanging gifts we would give money
for a cause. God has really been putting
on my heart to give more and more. Sports
ministries (Fellowship of Christian Athletes:
FCA, and Athletes in Action: AIA are 2
ministries that I love to support!) are
so important to me, and also Gospel for
Asia (we bought a COW this year! and also
some chicks: as well as
Samaritans Purse. We give to these different
ministries, but for Christmas Tommy chose
to give to The Ronald McDonald House and
I chose to give to the local Make a Wish
I was watching Glenn Beck the other day and
it really confirmed the choice we made this
year. He was talking about giving and how
many times it means even more when we give
even if we don't have much to give. It's the
heart behind it. I know my flesh wants to
"have" and "get" but to "give" is of the
Spirit and that is what will last!

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