Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pre-School Parties, Santa, Gingerbread Men & Sugar Cookies

Last Friday started out with Drew's Pre-School
Christmas Party at New Hope Christian School

It was a Pajama Party! You were supposed to
wear your favorite Christmas pj's but we don't
have any so Pokemon are second best

An hour later, Luke had his class Christmas
Party. The thing is, I thought his was a
pajama party too! But it WASN'T! I walked
in and Luke was the only one in pj's! And
Toy Story at that. I dropped him off quickly
and slipped out quietly and cracked up all
the way back to my car.

I went back at the end of his party and made
it for the "hot potato" game. Luke had no
idea he was the only one wearing his pj's :)

He was so excited when the music stopped on

Next he had to pick out a present. So many
to choose from.

Luke and one of his teachers

After we left the school, we made our 3rd
trip to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa. The
1st and 2nd times we went the lines were
TOO long. Third time's a charm!

They were doing their best to be on the
"NICE" list!

After telling Santa what they want for
Christmas, the boys and I headed over
to Tai Pan Trading Co. where my mom
works as a store manager. She helped
me to pick out some new Christmas
garlands and I picked up a few gifts
as well. If you've never been to
Tai Pan Trading you need to go check
it out. It's a huge home goods store
with so many good deals! It's by
the Ontario Mills.

Next we headed home to decorate cookies.
We started with these gigantic
gingerbread men that the O'Keeffe's
gave us from Trader Joes.

Luke going to work

The boys wanted help making their
gingerbread men into ninjas

Working hard

I saw Drew eating some frosting
in between working on it, so I
had my camera waiting and caught
him in the act again!

Luke's (& mom's) Creation

Drew and his "Ninja" Ginja

They had to eat some of this SUGAR!

Later that night my brother came over
with his kids. My boys were excited
to decorate sugar cookies with their

I made the mistake of giving them the
"spray" frosting

These make me sick just looking at
them but they loved their masterpieces!

We have taken a long time to get around to
decorating, but thanks to my mom's help,
it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas
around here.

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