Monday, December 6, 2010

Diamond Nation Softball Extravaganza

This past weekend I was in New Jersey for
a Softball Coaches Clinic on Saturday and
a Clinic for the girls on Sunday.

Diamond Nation features baseball and
softball and Jennie Finch is a part
of Diamond Nation on the softball side.
Jennie and her dad spoke about pitching
and other parts of the game. I spoke
on outfield play and bunting/slapping.

This year Crystl Bustos was also there
speaking on defense and hitting.

Lauren Lappin also spoke on different
topics, including catching.

After the Coaching Clinic, we went to
dinner with a bunch of the softball
girls and the food was amazing!

We also had a Q&A w/the parents and the
girls. We laughed a lot talking about
the times when we played together and
remembering our most embarassing moments.

Sarah is on Jennie's Team at Diamond
Nation, The Aces, and I met her last
year. She is a Christian and has
such a giving heart. She gave each
of us a Softball Glove Christmas

On Sunday we had the softball clinic
for about 200 girls. I ran the outfield
station. At lunchtime Lauren Lappin
gave a catching demo and Jennie gave
a pitching demo.

We had girls ages 8-17. This was one of
the groups we worked with. The talent
is getting better every year in softball
all around the country and it's so great
to see that.

I had great college helpers once again:
Chelsea, Kristie, Carrie and Erin

At the end we had another Q&A and signed
autographs before heading to the
airport. It's such a quick weekend,
but always so great to spend some
time with former teammates and teach
the fundamentals to girls who want
to get better in softball. Diamond
Nation did a great job and worked
hard to put it all together.

I flew home and we are starting a
tradition of my girlfriends picking
me up at the airport and us hanging
out together. Last month they drove
to LAX and this time we went to
Denny's afterward and chatted while
eating! Love my friends!

This week I'm excited to head to
San Diego for a day to visit some
friends and FCA Softball at the NFCA
Softball Convention and this weekend
I'll be in Minnesota for Jennie's
Camp again. I'll be spending time
with my boys other than that!

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