Saturday, May 29, 2010

NCAA College Softball

It's that time of year for college softball. . .
the time of year that rankings don't really matter,
but timely hitting does. The time of year that
what you've done in the past doesn't matter, it's
what you do in this moment. I relished this time
of year as a collegiate athlete when I played
and as I see the games on TV in the post season,
it brings back so many memories of my playing
days. I think of the success my teammates and
I had and the feelings of accomplishment as we
ended our season in that final game at the
Women's College World Series. That goal is
what all of these athletes on the teams competing
are all focused on. First, getting to the WCWS
and second, bringing home the title.

I'm so excited to be a small part of the post
season from the booth as I commentate with Pam

We are here in Gainesville, FL with the humidity
and all the gators!

The Gators are lead by senior, Francesca
Enea. She has had an amazing career and
wants to finish with a bang. Keep your
eyes open for her.

Another key player from So. Cal is 1st
baseman Megan Bush. She's small but
mighty and swings a big bat.

ASU is ready for the challenge and brings a
talented ball club to the table as well.

Hillary Bach is a sophomore pitcher who lead
her team to the WCWS last year. She knows
what it takes and plans to stop these powerful
Gator hitters.

She will depend on the bats of her teammates
and just as importantly, the defense. Sophomore
Katelyn Boyd is a key to their success both on
offense and defense.

This will be a pretty even match up. I'm excited
for the games to start. Game time is 7:30pm Eastern
on ESPN and tomorrow @ 3:30pm on ESPNU.

Teams that have already advanced to the WCWS:

It's going to be an entertaining series this
weekend and next.

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