Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mirror Scriptures

I am all about hearing ideas from others and putting
them into action when I like those ideas. This past
weekend at the Shoreline Women's Retreat in our group
discussion we were talking about ways to worship in
different ways and one of the worship leaders for the
weekend told us that she takes dry-erase markers and
puts up scriptures on her mirrors in her bedroom.

I've heard of people using Post-it notes but this
new idea is what I will definitely
be using in my house! I like to go overboard
so my room has 2 on our main mirror, one on
each side of my closet mirrors and even one
on the outside of our glass shower. Jake keeps
reading them out loud and I'm actually starting to
memorize them.

Even this morning, Tommy came out of our downstairs
bathroom and said, "That's a good one honey". See,
it is a good idea- we are all being encouraged.

This is the verse on that mirror.

I told you I go overboard, so if you come to my
house, don't be surprised if you see scripture
written all over my mirrors!

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