Thursday, May 20, 2010

Frank Pastore's Book "Shattered"- I highly recommend it!

Maybe you remember me telling you about some of
the upcoming shows on "More Than Conquerors" a
couple months back that I co-host with Frank
Pastore and AC Green. One of our shows was
all about Frank Pastore's new book coming out
called "Shattered: Struck Down but not Destroyed."

Well the show just aired last week (this picture
was taken while shooting that show)

And now his book is out! My friend, Zsanae,
heard him speak at the National Day of Prayer
in Corona and bought me one of his books! She
asked him to sign it for Leah and he asked
her about the spelling, and she said, "You
know, L-E-A-H, the one who does the show with

He signed it for me and this past Friday while I was
flying (or waiting in the airport for a 5 hour
delay) to Oklahoma to do a softball clinic with
Jennie Finch, I read the entire book!

That's how good it is and what a quick read it
is. There are so many crazy stories that I want
to ask him if "that's how it really happened"!
I love the stories he tells, the outcome and
where God has him now and just the book in general.
His personality in the book is just the same as
when I'm doing the show with him. He is a people

I am going to give this book to friends! Even if
you don't like baseball you would like this book.
But if you do like baseball, you will LOVE this
book! Pick up his book, you won't be disappointed!

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