Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hockey, Movies Stars and True Heroes

The view from the Suite- and Jake's not feeling so well
from eating a TON of food!

Last weekend Tommy and Jake were able to spend some
quality dad/son time together. Tommy took Jake
to the Staples Center in LA to see the Kings take
on the Boston Bruins (Tommy's favorite team).
They said it was an action packed game with the
Kings pulling out the victory in the end.

The reason they went (Tommy's co-worker and good
friend, Jeff, went also) was because Under Armour
(Tommy's employer) has teamed up with The Wounded
Warriors Project and they were having a special event that
day. Dwayne Johnson, who is the star in the upcoming
movie, The Tooth Fairy, was there to meet with the Wounded
Warriors who have selflessly sacrificed so much.

They had tons of food at a brunch, watched the hockey
game from their own Suite and Dwayne Johnson came
and visited with them. Jake was able to get an
autographed shirt with him. Tommy tried to take
pictures but they didn't come out (somehow it didn't
work because I wasn't there to help :). After the
game they went to the Premier of the movie. They
had a great time together for a great cause! Great
Job Dwayne Johnson and Under Armour. A HUGE Thank
You to ALL the men and women who serve our country!

Jeff, Shana, Dwayne Johnson, Tommy

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  1. Tommy likes all the pro sports teams based out of Boston/New England area. I bet the boys had a blast watching Ice Hockey