Friday, January 8, 2010

Sometimes we must WAIT

A couple years ago I spoke at a Softball Showcase.
It was a tournament with High School softball players
from all around the country. I spoke a little about
softball, but I was invited there to share about my faith
in Jesus Christ with the families attending. That stirred
a passion in me that God had been growing since I first
competed in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. I felt that God was
giving me a platform to share His truth and love with

At the time I spoke, my youngest son was 5 months
old and my other two sons were 2 and 6. My hands
were full and I could barely think straight at times!
I was also going to enter my 2nd year of coaching HS
Softball in the spring. But why was this passion so
strong to go out and share? This experience sparked
something in me.

It almost was overwhelming and yet I knew it was from
God. I was getting frustrated because I wanted to "use"
this passion. I started asking my friends in Bible study
to pray this same prayer that I started praying: "Either
take this passion away if it's not from You, God, or
show me what You have for me". Eventually I would learn

As I changed my prayer to "God, help me to learn what you
want me to learn as you are preparing me for the plans
you have for me", my eyes started to see God working in
and through me. That year, I learned in depth about fasting
and prayer. I grew in my study of the Bible and was believing
in the power we have as intercessors in prayer. I learned to
listen to God and to HEAR His still, small voice. So many
things that would deepen my faith and grow my knowledge.

This past year I spoke at a number of different places and
shared many things that God has taught me. I have learned
to pray about the exact message for the group that I am
speaking to and no two messages will ever be the same,
because God speaks to each group uniquely. God usually
works in a way that I would not have expected and that's
why I know it's God.

God is stirring my heart again and so I dig into scripture
and examine myself to make sure I am walking in obedience
to what God has called me to. I am excited to experience
what God has planned for me as He opens doors to bring
glory to His Name. I know this time of waiting will make
all the difference when God says, "The time is NOW!"

Have you experienced a time of "waiting"? If so, did
you learn from that time? A time of waiting can equal
a time of growing!


  1. Leah, waiting requires patience. It is usually worth it when you obtain something you want at the end, no matter how long the waiting lasts.

    Matthew Tang

  2. I happened upon your blog today and had to stop and read this post. It's amazing to me how God speaks (even through the internet!) Just this morning I prayed a prayer for God to please give our family a baby or take that desire away from me. You see, our family has one child on Earth and two in Heaven. I long for a large family, but I am in my mid-30s and each year seem more discouraged. I really needed to read what you wrote and be reminded to wait upon the Lord. I have learned so much in this period of waiting and in my period of loss. My prayer will instead be "God help me to learn what you want me to learn as you are preparing me for the plans you have for me". Thank you for sharing so honestly.