Thursday, January 21, 2010

Encouraged by Mary Forsythe, Author and Speaker

On Tuesday night I went out to a home in Arcadia
to listen to a teaching from the heart of a woman
who loves the Lord. I was invited by my mentor,
Paula, along with Alisa (God's Call) and about
30 other women. Mary Forsythe has a ministry
called Kingdom Living Ministries. About 5 years
ago when I first started meeting with Paula, she
told me about Mary and gave me her book,
A Glimpse of Grace, to read.

Talk about a powerful testimony! You can't read that
book without walking away and saying, "Wow, God, you
are truly amazing!" She was a very successful pharmacist
at a young age and traveled all over until she ended
up in prison. God met her in a dramatic way in that
prison cell. After 3 years in prison, she was released
from prison and has been living a life for God and
sharing His truths all over the world. She is a humble
woman who knows the Word of God and has experienced
a complete transformation. God is still teaching her,
like He is doing with those who love Him. He will
continue to change us and teach us until we see Him
face to face.

A few years ago, a few friends and I did her study,
Joining the Journey. It was a very good personal
study that helped us to reflect on the main subjects
of our faith. This is what her site says about the
Loaded with encouragement, practical wisdom and
opportunities to commune with the Lord, Joining
the Journey is sure to help you find your way into
an intimate, vital friendship with Him. As you travel
through these pages, you will learn to:

- discover and fulfill God's purposes for your life
- leave your past behind and enter into the wonderful
future before you
- interact with God's Word and the Holy Spirit in a
deeply personal way
- hear God's voice more clearly
- break free from fear, anger, depression or anything
else that hinders you

I highly recommend her book and her study. I was
encouraged by listening to her and excited to see
a woman who is living out the call on her life!
Join this amazing Journey to follow Jesus with all
your heart- it will be the most exciting thing you've
ever done! And yes, it will be very challenging
at times, but it will be WORTH it!

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