Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

I had heard about Corrie Ten Boom and her books for
many years from people who have read them. This
Christmas, my friend, Kristi, gave me the book,
The Hiding Place. I was so excited to read it.
It was pretty intense and definitely gave me a
heavy heart for the people persecuted and killed
during the Holocaust.
Corrie lived in Holland and was a Christian. Her
father was a watchmaker and they knew so many people
in their community. This would eventually help them
with contacts when the Germans occupied their country
and put harsh constrictions on them. They ended up
helping and also housing numerous Jewish people who
were hiding out to keep from being captured and killed.
Eventually Corrie and her family were thrown into
prison for helping hide the Jews.
Her book shares details of her time in jail that
most of us could never fathom. The most amazing
parts are miracles and situations that God allowed
throughout her time there. God is faithful always!

I was encouraged as I read about the unwavering
faith of her and her sister.
I was reminded that letting others know about Jesus
and the hope we have to get to heaven is of utmost
I was challenged to think about my actions
when others offend me in such small ways.
I want to be Christlike always- even in the hardest
circumstances-ESPECIALLY in the hardest circumstances!
That's when we know that we are filled with God's Holy Spirit-
when we can love and pray for others that we would never
"feel" like praying for!

If you haven't read this book- pick it up! You won't be able
to put it down!

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