Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fill Me Up- A "God-Thought"

As I was leaving the gas station after filling my
car up, I had what I would call a "God-Thought".
I get many of these analogies and I'm not thinking
this way- they just come to me. I believe it's
just the way God speaks to me and gives me things
to relate to His truths.

So I was leaving with a FULL tank of gas after getting
down to about 10 miles left with gas. I know how much
was left because my car tells me the number of miles
on my dashboard. I felt like God was showing me that
when people start to fall away from God it is a slow
fade. They probably know they aren't as close to God
because they aren't reading their Bibles, going to
church, praying, and so on. But they are able to go
on just like they normally do. Eventually they get
less and less of God until all of the sudden, they
are completely empty and things fall apart. Our cars
will drive until they are completely empty, then they
just won't go any further. We become "empty" and our
need to be filled up with God is the only way to get
back onto the right path.

After church last night I felt like another meaning
was there as well. The message was all about who
the Holy Spirit is and the power we have from the
Holy Spirit. We need to ask God daily to fill us
up with His Holy Spirit. This is different from
the Holy Spirit living in us. Many times in the
New Testament the Holy Spirit came upon people and
they spoke God's Word with boldness. There were
also other gifts that came from the Holy Spirit
and allowed Jesus' followers to minister to others
in different ways. We need to be "FILLED UP" with
the Holy Spirit to accomplish what God has for us.
We need to ask God to fill us up and to direct us
in His will for our lives. Obedience and submission
will lead to blessing and a life that can be used
by God. Just like we need to keep filling up our
cars, we need to ask God to keep FILLING US UP with
His Holy Spirit!

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