Monday, January 30, 2012

Wounded Warriors Softball

Here are some pictures from our
awesome weekend in Florida:
FCA All-Stars
Wounded Warriors Amputee
Softball Team

 These guys are studs!
 They make me proud to be an
American!  So many have
sacrificed so much for our
freedom and I will always
be grateful to the men and
women who serve and to
their families!
 We were all competitors on
the field!  We beat them 2 out
of 3 games, but it was CLOSE
in that third game!  I didn't
have much power but found
a way to put the ball over the
infielder's head!
 The team was amazing:
Olympians, College All-
Americans, Hall of Famer
from Slow Pitch, Former
Pro Baseball!
 Jennie and me
 The last pictures on the
Our jerseys were auctioned
off and we were able to take
pictures with people who
chose our jerseys! Coutney
came all the way from MA
to FL to watch us play!
And we had met before
at Jennie Finch's camp
in New York!

This was such an
inspirational event for
all of us.  We also held
a banquet where we
heard testimonies from
both teams.  God was
the center of this event
and one of the highlights
was praying for all the
Wounded Warriors as
a group!

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