Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a busy new year. . .

I have hit the ground running here in
2012!  We are only a week and a
half in and here's what we've been
up to so far:
*Celebrated our 13th Wedding
*Sent off Tommy's parents
back to Boston (we all miss
them already)
*I did a coaches clinic for
a local league
*the boys started back up
*Tommy worked a baseball
*We went to Ruth Chris is
Anaheim w/USSSA and
Don Dedonatis (I told Tommy
that was my anniversary gift
to him :)
*We threw a SURPRISE
party for my mom!
*I went to my Bible study
*I met with our President
of Sports World when he
was in town
*I went to Calvary Chapel
Bible College in Murrieta
w/Women's Care Center
for a few hours
*I've had meetings for a
girls event we are doing
late spring/early summer

So now I leave on my 1st
flight of 2012 to Tampa, FL
for the God & Country
Softball Game:
FCA Softball All-Stars
Wounded Warriors

I know this is going to be a great
event.  I already met a couple of the
guys we'll be competing against and
they were so cool.  Not only do they
play as amputees, they have an
amazing attitude about life and they
are the ones who are the heroes in
our country!

Next week, I fly to Texas to tape
some video for a Vacation Bible
School I'm going to be a part of
in June.  I'm pretty excited about
that appearance!

And the weekend after, it's time
for another Jennie Finch Softball
Clinic, but this time in Mission
Viejo! I'm hoping we get a lot
of girls to come- we all have such
a great time at these clinics.

Life is always busy, but I make
sure to slow down enough to
spend time with what matters
most: reading God's Word and
my family.  It's been super fun
to read the One Year Bible
every day with Jake.  He loves
listening and we always have
good discussions about what
we are reading.  And I've been
trying to get some working out
back in my schedule, so I jump
on my treadmill when I can!
I gotta get back in shape one
of these days :)

Happy 2012

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