Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!  It's 2012
and another year means many
new beginnings for a lot of

I think it's always great to look
back on the previous year and
reflect!  Time goes by so fast
and it's nice to think about all the
struggles that we overcame or the
experiences we had with loved
ones and much more.

I love that we celebrate the birth of
Jesus at the end of the year because
if we can get focused on the birth
of the Savior of the world, that
should get our perspective in the
right place for a new year.  I look
forward to what 2012 holds for
my family and me.  I know one
thing, life is never boring in my

We will start out by celebrating
my mom's birthday and my
13th Wedding Anniversary on
the same day: January 3.  Then
it will get busy around here as
we continue to homeschool and
as I start traveling again and
doing softball clinics here in
So. Ca.  God is so good! I
love what I do, but more
importantly, I love God and
the people He has placed in
my life!

I am reading the One Year
Bible ESV and doing the
Jesus Calling devotions with
my kids.  I know if I will
spend time with the Lord,
then I will be much more
effective doing everything
He has placed before me!

Happy 2012!!!!

Here are a few pictures from
this Christmas:

And one last picture:
My husband spoiled me:

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