Monday, January 30, 2012

Where has January gone?

Time is going too fast!  It won't slow down. 
I guess I can say I am living life to the
fullest.  The majority of my time, I'm
being mommy to my boys and wife
to my hubby. 

We have started 2nd semester with
school with the boys and we are
right on track.  They go to school
2 days a week, so on their days
homeschooling with me, we pile
up the work to make sure we
accomplish all we need to in
language, writing, math, history,
science, Bible and all that other
fun stuff.  Some days I just want
to quit (and so do my boys!) ,but
at the end of the day, I am glad
we got the work done and we
have the hard part that day behind

This past weekend, I was out
in Mission Viejo for softball camp
with Jennie Finch again.  It was a
beautiful weekend and we had
so many adorable little girls working
hard to become better athletes!
Cal Baptist Softball helped us run
our stations and were such great

Jake and Drew played out at
the park all day Saturday and
Sunday while we did the clinic
and so did Jennie's son, Ace,
and Toni's son, Easton.  We
all have boys, so it's fun to
get some girl time out on the
softball field :). 

Tommy came out on Sunday to
the park and brought Luke.
He had fun giving me a hard
time around my softball friends
and finally had a chance to see
what we do at Jennie's clinics.
He misses those days when he
was able to hang out with all
my softball friends.

I was also grateful to
share a Bible devotion on Sunday
morning about "Being God's
Representatives to those around

Jennie is such a godly example to
the young girls and it has been
amazing to stand up next to her
and for both of us to proclaim
our love for Jesus.  We hope
many young girls will see God's
love and work in our lives and
that they will be encouraged with
His truth. 

I also learned of a young softball
player who was recently told she
will never play softball again
because she has a brain tumor.
She is only 14 years old and I
hope you will join me in praying
for Hunter.  We don't understand
all of the sickness and struggles
that surround us, but when we
put our hope in Jesus, He will
carry us through ALL of life's

Every day is a gift.  Life it to the
fullest and love those around you.
Living for God and living out
His plan gives us purpose in
everything we do and to everyone
we are around.  Have a wonderful

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