Monday, November 1, 2010

Radical by David Platt

This is the book I'm reading right now. When
I was in Lousiana a couple weeks ago, I heard
about it and saw it at the book store last week.
I picked it up and am glad I did. This book
is very convicting. I think when any books
talk about the Bible and how we are to live
it out according to the example of Jesus, it
will always be convicting. Conviction is
good because it should lead us to making a
change to be more like Jesus. The idea is
that we have so much in America and people
around the world are dying of starvation and
curable diseases because they don't have
anything. The biggest thing is that we
need to be aware of this and have a heart
to help others in need, whatever that looks
like. Ultimately, the Bible tells us that
people need Jesus in order to receive
eternal life and we need to keep that
focus. When it comes to the Bible, we
need to hear it (read it), believe
it, and obey it. Here is one little
quote from the book:

Page 48: "This is how God works. He puts
his people in positions where they are
desperate for his power, and then He
shows His power in ways that display
His greatness."

I love how David Platt reminds us that
life is all about bringing God glory.
Even when God works in us and through
us, it is always to point people to
Him and show how great God truly is!

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