Monday, November 29, 2010

New Obsessions

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your
families! We are so blessed and as we ate
so many different things on Thanksgiving,
I just have a grateful heart. I know that
everything comes from God and thank Him
for even the food on the table. I thank
Him for my family and the fact that we
can spend the day together, enjoying
eachother's company while the kids run
around and play together.

I have been traveling quite a bit and
will be traveling the next couple
weekends (New Jersey and Minnesota:
burrrr) so I took advantage of being
home this weekend. It was time to
organize everything! I cleaned out
and organized the boys rooms and got
rid of a bunch of toys. I pulled out
all the Christmas decorations and
got rid of the stuff I didn't want
anymore. My room, which ends up
being the place where everything
accumulates, is "getting there".
I went and bought a portable filing
cabinet for all the stuff I need
to file away that was in bags and
on the floor. I go to friends'
houses and always wonder where they
keep their stuff. I walk away thinking,
maybe it's just me- I need to do
better at filing it away, so then
I know where it is when I need it.

I also joined my friend, Kristi, at
her garage sell and made some Christmas
money! We celebrated my nephew's 6th
Birthday and my brother's 30th B-day
on Saturday. Then Sunday was church:
it was so great to FINALLY be at my
home church and not traveling and Pastor
Jack gave such a strong, bold message.
I loved it. We had lunch with friends
and the rest of the day was more cleaning
and organizing! Tommy keeps saying I'm
nesting, but no, we are not having any
more babies :) These boys are enough
for me.

Oh yes, and the reason for this post:

The two latest obsessions in our home:

Coloring is the first obsession and I have
to say, Drew and even Luke are getting great
at it.

You should be good- when you spend hours
at it! It keeps them busy but every 5
minutes they ask, "Can you print me off
a picture?" and take 5 minutes to decide
on just the right one. They love it, so
of course we find them just the right
picture that makes them happy.

I told Drew to clean up his pictures.

So he decided that this was cleaning, and
decorating too.

Drew is proud of his work. Santa may just
bring him some white sheets of paper and
an ink cartridge and markers for Christmas!
These pictures double as toys because he
cuts them all out and they battle eachother
and become a whole game to him.

Luke loves to color too, but his latest
obsession is making beds. . .


It doesn't matter if it's in somebody's
room, in the family room or even the
kitchen floor. . .

for Lukey, every place is the perfect
place for a bed!

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