Monday, November 8, 2010

Camping @ Leo Carrillo State Park

Where is the time going? I can't believe it's
already November and Thanksgiving is in a
couple weeks! I have been traveling quite a
bit this year and have a few more trips
scheduled with Jennie Finch Softball Camps
and also I'm speaking in Northern CA in
a couple weeks with FCA and at a church
Father/Daughter Breakfast.

2 weekends ago we had some great family time
together. We went camping near Malibu at
Leo Carrillo State Park. We were thankful
to stay in a trailer with our friends,
The Menashe Family. There were also 4 other
families camping, including my brother's
family. The setting was awesome because
there were huge trees for the kids to climb
near our campsite and it was like
we were in the woods. A short walk away
was the beach with tide pools. The water
was cold but that didn't keep the kids
away. I am so grateful for good friends
and know that these memories will last a
long time for us and our kids.

The trip was less than 48 hours but it
was just enough time to: run, climb and
play for the kids; play inside the trailers;
go in the water; color pumpkins (Wibbens',
Luttrell's,Kunkle's) and carve pumpkins
(my brother and neice); make candy/caramel
apples (thanks Michele); have girlfriend
time at the beach (thanks to the hubbies);
see the sea creatures in the tide pools;
play cards; have a costume parade and
toy give-away for the kids! I have so
many pictures and they take way too long
to post, so here are a few from our trip:

These little lady bugs are the cutest
triplets ever! They are: Hannah,
Abigail and Julia Wibbens and we
call them "The Wibletts" :)

For more pictures, go to my friend, Kristi's

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