Monday, November 15, 2010

Just thoughts

Another great turnout (400 softball players) for
the Jennie Finch Softball Camp in Binghamton, NY.
It's been fun joining this crew this year and
getting to meet so many new faces across the
country that play softball. I'll post a few
pictures soon!

I just was thinking that I know sometimes I
look at what other people do and think, "How
do they do all that?" or "How do they find
the time to be so creative?" or "I wish I
was a more "cool" mom like her." I started
thinking, people probably see that I travel
and I'm always posting pictures of my boys
and I smiling or camping or something else

The reality is, those are the moments that
make us smile. Many days it's a struggle
to get everything accomplished that I want
to, and I'm constantly having to tell Jake
to focus when we're homeschooling, and
I'm always having to stop the boys for
fighting over something! Anyone who talks
to me on the phone knows this too well.
You can't talk to me for longer than 5
minutes without hearing somebody scream in
the background.

That is life. We have plenty of things
pulling at us and siblings argue (they
have since the day of Cain and Abel!).
There is never enough time for me to get
all the laundry done, the house all picked
up, the schoolwork all finished exactly how
I would like it, the meals balanced and
eaten by each of the boys (that's a whole
other post!), groceries bought, Bible study
done, time with my husband, and every other
thing that needs to be done that I haven't
mentioned yet. This is the life of a mom.

It all comes down to perspective. I try
to get through the frustrations and look at
what I did accomplish (Facebok doesn't count,
but I would get a lot of points for that one!).
I try to think about the times when the boys
are playing together (like right now they are
playing hide and seek) and getting along. I
am thankful for our health, and for our home
and for the fact that we can help others in
need. I am thankful for relationships because
in the end, that is all that will really matter.
The most important thing is if we have a
relationship with Jesus Christ! (One of the
kids just came in saying, "He hurt me"). See,
I knew it wouldn't last.

Just for those who would want to know, my
house does get messy, my kids fight, I
constantly have whining from my 3 yr old.
I feel like I should be doing more and
then I try to remember the grace God offers
all of us.

Let's just do what we can to the best of
our abilities and honor God through it all,
yes, even through the chaos! Welcome to a
small part of my world :)

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