Sunday, November 3, 2013

WCWS 2013

25th WCWS Anniversary Team
I was honored to be a part of the 10
people picked for this award a number of
years ago.

This picture hangs inside at the Hall of Fame
Stadium.  It is the 1997 National
Championship Team, my senior year
at Arizona

The stadium was packed once again this year!
It keeps growing and the atmosphere is
energetic!  Softball fans from all over
the country come to watch the best
college teams in the nation compete.

I was blessed once again to be the
Radio Anaylst for NCAA Radio for
the WCWS Finals in OKC.  Kevin
Kugler is so fun and easy to work
with!  He is a true professional and makes
my job so easy.  We always have a good time!

The finals came down to
Oklahoma (home town favorite)
and Tennesee. We interviewed
some athletes and the coaches
before the final series.

All of the players have such a great
mentality and are very humble.

It was exciting for me to know both
coaches well!
Oklahoma Coach, Patty Gasso, and I
are friends and both help out FCA
Softball.  Coach Ralph Weekly (TN)
coached me in the 1996 Olympic Games!
Both coaches love the Lord!  That was
an blessing to see them do so well.

I hung out with the FCA Softball Crew
(Dot Richardson and I played
in the 1996 Olympics together).
Her husband, Bob, and also
Dana (on the right), are doing so
much in ministry at all levels of
softball.  I also saw a lot of people
that this sport has connected me with
through the years.  Softball has brought so
many special people into my life!

The OU fans were very proud of their team
for winning it all.  They were WCWS
Champions!  They gave all the glory
to God, before and after the game.

I was able to interview the winning
pither, Michelle Gascoigne, on the
field right after the game.  This was a
new experience for me.  I was nervous,
but it all worked out well.

I was very proud of Coach Gasso and it
was fun to interview her too for this
huge moment for her team and her

Coach Gasso's husband, and son, former UCLA
All-American, Andrea Harrison, and FCA friend,
Donna Noonan surrounding the trophy.

The awesome staff for the games!

I was able to connect with the girls after
the game and during their celebration.
These girls are great!

Toby Keith showed up for their
celebration at his restaurant downtown
and even sang with them on stage!

One of the reasons winning it all was very
special for Oklahoma was because
they had just dealt with the devastation
and loss from the tornado that ripped
through Moore, OK just weeks prior to
the tournament.  It was only 20 minutes from
where the WCWS was played and I could
not believe how much destruction I saw
when I went through the area that had
been hit the hardest.  My heart was broken
for the loss of life and the rebuilding that
will have to take place for the people in that
area.  It reminded me to be thankful for
every day.  I know that God is in
control, and I am thankful that He
rescues us from storms in our lives.

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