Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hawaii 2013

My family and I jumped on a plane
the day after I arrived home from OKC.
Tommy had work and I was able to do
some speaking and a softball clinic too.
We had plenty of time to soak in the
sun and to enjoy the beautiful island
of Oahu.

I had the chance to speak at a local church.
I was prayed over by a few women who
were full of God's love and Spirit.  It
was a very powerful experience for
me.  I love meeting God's people all
over this country.  His love transcends
race, color, economic status, and much
more.  When people love God, you can
sense His love in them.

It was nice to spend time on the beach
and for the boys to just play together.
Drew was able to learn to surf thanks
to a local, Bill, taking us out on his
board and teaching Drew.  He also
took us on the hike to Diamond Head.

One of our favorite spots was Waimea
Bay.  I even ran into college teammate
and friend, Amy Hillenbrand, and her
two kids.  My boys loved playing with
Lauren and Brock and jumping off the
huge rock into the ocean.  Drew was 
fearless jumping from so high.  They
went boogie boarding and body
surfing until the sun was setting.   

We were able to see a huge sea turtle
and tons of beautiful fish when I went
snorkeling.  And of course we made
stops for Hawaiian shaved ice and
even ate at famous shrimp trucks.  We
drove around the island and saw
God's beautiful creation, including
a bright rainbow on our last day
on the island.

We ate malasadas from Leonards,
and went to Rainbow Drive-In
for their yummy lunch.  That place
is always packed!

Kaka'ako Christian Fellowship
the Morimoto Family (Pastor Mark)

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