Sunday, November 3, 2013

Highlights: More Summer Fun

Jake turned 12 this summer!
I can't believe he is almost a
teenager!  He is growing up so
much and I am so proud of the
boy that he is.


This litle guy turned 1! HKeaton is my best
friend's son, and he had the cutest "camping"
themed birthday party.

We had another Jennie Finch Camp
in Georgia

These girls were absolutely adorable!

Jake went to Jr. High Camp for a week.
They camped out by the beach.
He decided to get baptized while
they were there.  My heart is so
happy to see how He wants to
follow Jesus!

I spoke at a sports camp in Redlands.

We spent some days at the beach
enjoying our beautiful weather!

Drew took swim lessons for the
first time to follow his cousin, Micah.
He loved it and can't wait to do it again.

We continue to feed the homeless every
other week.  We have had a big group coming.
We continue to share God's Word and then
feed them a good meal and sit and
talk and pray with them.

I commentated for the pro games
this summer.  I love EVERY
opportunity I get to be a part
of this great sport of softball.

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