Sunday, November 3, 2013

JFSC Pikeville, Kentucky

We always have an adventure at Jennie Finch
Softball Camps!
Pikeville, KY was no different!
We stayed in a quaint little town,
went to a live music festival,
and stayed at a bed and breakfast!

And after camp on Saturday, we
took a trip kayaking!!

Bustos jumped in the airboat. . .

but we grabbed our oars and picked
our our kayaks

It was a first for all of us.

We all had a blast and realized
it wasn't as scary as we
thought it would be.
We were all afraid to
tip over and fall out of the

After kayaking, we headed to dinner
with a bunch of adorable campers!

Then we hung out until midnight on
the rocking chairs on the porch.
We reminisced about the
Olympic games and the memories
we had!

Sunday morning we had a good
crowd for our Bible devotion prior
to camp.

And the girls worked hard even though
it was pretty hot!

My college helpers were great once again!

And we had another great camp overall.
I am blessed to work with not only great
teachers of the game who were great
athletes, but they are wonderful
people and good friends!

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