Friday, March 29, 2013

Writing down my goals

They say if you write down your goals
you are more likely to accomplish them
than if you don't write them down.
We did a vision board for the 2004
Olympic team where each player was
to find pictures of things that inspired
us.  I had a picture of the venue where
we would play and would picture myself
on the field.  I had a verse on the picture
and a photo of Tommy and Jake.  They
were my inspiration and I looked at that
board every day in Athens, Greece before
we won the gold medal.

Well, I am writing this new goal down. . .

I am writing a book!

Yes, I am committing to this and I am
going to do it.  Over the years many people
have encouraged me to write a book
and have said that I needed to write one.
I always said that God would lead if He
wanted me to do it, and the time has come.
Last year in October, I was strongly
encouraged once again and I said that I
would write a book in 2013.  A few
months had gone by and it was the
second week of March, but I had done
nothing more than "thought" about writing
a book.  That all changed when I went to
Alabama to speak for FCA.  After
spending time speaking about my faith
and my Olympic experiences, I was
encouraged by a new friend to put these
experiences down on paper.  After sharing
about how I wanted to write a book and
that I planned on writing it this year, she
gave me a couple tips.  I believe we all
encourage and inspire eachother in
different ways and God brought yet
another person in my life to help me move
from thought to action.  My husband told
me to write my goals down and give
myself deadlines, but I should have made
him give me the deadlines and followed them. 
I wasn't doing so great in that area on my own. 

So for now I have a lot written down,
but I have a lot more to go.  I am
praying for God to fill in the details
and gaps on moving forward with
graphics, publishing, and editing.
I know God will put all these pieces
together if I will be faithful to put
the time in to make this possible. 
This has given me a new passion.
I love to share and encourage
others to be all God has created them
to be, and I am excited at the thought
that this book can do this in the lives
of those I may never even meet!

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