Monday, March 11, 2013

Jesus is with you

We have been riding bikes a lot
lately.  The weather has been
beautiful out and the boys have
been excited to get outside and
ride bikes.  I even got a new bike
recently because I think this will
be something we will be doing
a lot as a family.

Luke has been afraid to ride
his bike without training wheels.
He is old enough, he is able
to do it, and he has tried a
couple times before.  But now
his fear is getting the best of
him and he doesn't want to
even try.
I've had to push each of my kids
to ride.  I don't know if it's because
I let them get a little older before
having them take off the training
wheels, but each of them got to
the stage of fear.  I had to finally just
make them do it- against what they
wanted to do. 

Today Luke was in tears saying
he didn't want to do it.  I told
him I would be right beside him
the whole time.  And I was.
I ran next to him as I pushed him
off and he was riding great like
I knew he could.  I told him
Jesus is always there for him
too when he is afraid.  That God
is right there helping him and
wanting him to try new things and
step out in faith. 

He was doing very well and then
he wanted to stop.  Even though
I was telling him to push back on
his pedal, fear would take over
and he would just take his
feet off the pedals and wait to
crash.  I would catch him and
remind him what he needed to
do.  I prayed that he would
remember and not freak out.
In no time he was laughing
and saying how fun this was.

I told him that God has plans
for us and we can't let fear
hold us back because then we
miss out on what we could

I also realized that the hardest
part for him was starting and
stopping.  Sometimes that is
the hardest part for us in our
walks with God.  We want
to start something but we
feel overwhelmed and might
even feel like we are not capable
of doing what God has put
on our hearts.  In fact, this
is a lesson I am learning right
now.  But I am stepping out
in faith because I know if I
will just get started, God will
help me to enjoy the experience
He has waiting for me!

Luke was so excited to show
his brothers that he could
ride and they are all excited
to go on another bike ride
now with Luke riding the
bigger bike.  I love how when
God helps us through our fears
we want to share the excitement
of what we are now experiencing!
God is always there-
right beside us!

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