Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday 2013

 Today is Good Friday: the
day we recognize that Jesus
hung on a cross between two
criminals and bore the weight
of the sins of the entire world!
He died so that we could live.
But He did not stay in the grave.
Jesus conquered death once and
for all!  Good Friday is only good
because Resurrection Sunday is

Easter is not just a holiday about
bunnies and egg hunts.  It's a day
to recognize that Victory is in store
for ALL who place their trust in
the Savior of the World, Jesus
Christ!  And this victory is not just
for when we die, it is to be lived out
each day on this earth through the
power and strength of the Holy
Spirit in our lives.  God is good. . .
ALL the TIME.  This is the time
of year to realize just how BIG
and Powerful and LOVING our
Almighty God is!  He sent His
only begotten Son, Jesus Christ,
and He gave His life so that whoever
believes in Him will not perish, but
have everlasting life.  There is no
life apart from Jesus Christ that will
enter heaven -He is the only way.
Next time you think that way sounds
narrow, just remember it's as narrow
as a cross.  Once you come to the cross,
the way is wide open and our future is
secured with promises of an eternity
with our Creator God in paradise.

When things are hard, just remember,
a lot can happen and change in 3
days!  The sun will rise each day
and the Son rose so we could
be victorious each and every day!

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