Friday, March 1, 2013

Big Bear 2013

 Last year we took our annual
vacation to Big Bear and there
was very little snow.  This year
we got lucky- there was a storm
the day we were supposed to
head up the mountain.  So we
decided to wait til the next morning
and there was plenty of snow
waiting for us when we arrived.
We immediately pulled out the
new snow tubes we bought and
found a perfect spot right outside
the door of our place!

 I love taking these types of trips-
the boys LOVE to explore.  They
find things, make up games, eat
lots of snow, and just use their
 The weather was perfect- the
sun was shining and we found
lots of other hills to tube down.

 My boys are at such a fun age!
They all have no fear- they tube
head first, they flip, they fall,
they crash, and they just get
right back up and do it again!

 We took breaks and worked hard
on what we needed to get done for
 I love my boys!
 We found snowmen that people
had made! 

 One day when Tommy wasn't feeling
well, the boys and I set out on a hike.
It was so beautiful when we made
it toward the top of the hill.  The
snow was fresh because it had
snowed the night before.  Nobody
was around- it was like we had
the whole mountain area to

 The hike wore Luke out- he
fell asleep on me as soon as
we got back to our place.
 My honey and me
 One day we found an area that
hadn't been touched so we made
a great tube path.

 We came home on Tuesday, just
around the time when they got
calls about Dorner (the one
who was out to kill cops),
and we had to go through
a checkpoint to be cleared to
get off the mountain.  It was
pretty intense! We were glued
to the TV the rest of the day
watching the whole thing unfold.
 Tommy had to work so I took
the boys back up after school
the next day.  My best friend and
her family (she also has 3 boys!)
came with us this time.

 Jake and baby Keaton
 It was such a great vacation,
family first, then time with

Our whole family looks forward
to this trip each year now!  I
always pray that there will
be lots of snow and this year
it was so much fun because
of the storm right before we
went to Big Bear!  I know
these are memories my boys
will keep forever!

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  1. Cute pics!! Thanks for having us. Such a blast!!! :) Love you!!