Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend in Florida

Last weekend Tommy and I flew to
Florida.  I was the first trip we
have taken alone in the past 2 /12
years.  It was fun to fly with somebody
for a change.
 When we arrived on Friday night,
we were picked up by Don Dedonatis,
Laurie, and Wendy with USSSA.
We went straight to the Orlando
Magic Game and were treated
like royalty!  We had seats on
the floor and had a delicious
meal before the game, with
food during the game and dessert
at half time!

 We were up so close.  It was
the best way ever to watch an
NBA game.  These guys are

 Tommy ordered spicy tuna
rolls.  Amazing food and front
row seats- what more could
a guy want?
 Half-time dessert: build your own
sundaes and cupcakes!
 On Saturday we toured the
area and the USSSA Offices.
They have a ton of sports
paraphernalia- and this is a
life size hand print of Dwight
Howard: aka Superman.
(Orlando Magic)
 We stayed in a house that was
fully furnished.  We relaxed on
this trip and were able to enjoy
the quiet of being alone.  We
both read a lot and slept in on
Sat and Sun.
 We flew back home on Sunday
night.  Besides eating way too
much food, we had a great
weekend in Florida.  Huge
thanks to USSSA Pride!

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