Saturday, February 18, 2012

Family Time

We keep a pretty busy schedule
around here, probably like many
other families in America.
I do travel quite a bit, so
I try to do as many family
activities as I can.

I finally downloaded pictures
from my phone, so I just thought
I'd share some of our latest

For Valentine's Day, I took the
boys to donuts for a treat before
taking them to their Tuesday classes.

 After a clinic I had a couple weeks
ago, we decided it was a good night
to go out to dinner.  I am so happy
to be at the stage where we can go
as a family and enjoy eachother.
When they were little and couldn't
sit still, I thought this day would never
 Last month we took the boys
to see Phineas and Ferb at
a local arena.

 In January, the Wounded Warriors
Amputee Softball Team played in
Mission Viejo the weekend after
we played against them in Florida.
I took my boys out before their
game started so my boys could
meet these amazing men!

 We decided to let Jake lead
us in a Bible teaching on Daniel 1
last month.  He loved speaking
and I am amazed at his knowledge
for his age and how comfortable
he is talking in front of people!
 We also had "Uncle Bob" in
town for work last month and
he treated the family to lunch
and games at John's Incredible
Pizza.  The boys loved it!
 Who wins this many tickets?

 Prizes are always fun.  Uncle Bob
was so great with the boys.
 Back in December we went to
the Discovery Science Center
for a field trip with my friend,
Kristi, and her kids and we
brought Micah, my nephew,
along with us too.
 We also went ice skating as a
family in Temecula over Christmas

 On New Year's Eve we took
the boys to Toy Story on ICE.
Lots of memories this year!
 Even while I work, my boys can
play.  I took them with me to
Jennie Finch Softball Camp in
Mission Viejo last month and
the boys played in the sand with
Jennie's son, Ace, and my friend
Toni's son, Easton for 2 straight
 I also took Jake and Drew with
me to San Diego for an afternoon
at Athletes in Action Camp to
see college athletes learing more
about God.
 I love nights where we don't
have anything planned.  We went
to get some ice cream after
dinner.  Making more memories :)

 My boys can fight a lot, but
they also are so cute together
sometimes.  Drew prayed in
the car for Luke before we went
in to get Luke's shots last week.
He also told him he would hold
his hand while he got the shots.
Luke was tough and only had
a few tears.
 Last but not least for this post:
Homeschool project this past
Oreo Moon Phases
Drew has been learning
about the Solar System
and this was a fun and
easy project that we

I am thankful that my time with my
family is first and foremost.  I love
getting to travel and speak, teach
softball, and meet others.  God has
blessed me beyond my wildest
dreams!  I love my family.

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